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30 May 2011 @ 08:47 pm
Sickness, Health, Farewells, and Japan4  
Infrequent posting, once again.

Selina and I dressed as each other for Joni's birthday. While everything in partyland was great, I was pretty sick, and not awake for most of it. Moar party the next night (Gaz/Pat/Mark's housewarming, -cooling, birthdays, Christmas, and all the other parties that should've happened) did not help me get any less sick, but was also very enjoyable. I missed out on seeing Bankai the Thursday after, citing illness, but made it to my 10-year school reunion on the Friday.

High Tea at Home (Clara's) the next day was nice. I kept myself busy mostly making and delivering tea, and didn't leave till about 10 (after a shopping mission to make steak pizza, and watch Men in Tights). Tried to drop in on Jono's farewell party, but with no phone battery, and people not answering doors, it didn't eventuate. Met up with Matt briefly at the Rainbow Hotel to see an Irish folk band, then headed home. DMF meeting the next day took me two hours to get to by PT. The meeting was more effective than I expected, though, and I got a lift home :D Being mothers day, Selina had dinner with her mum, and I shouted mine a gigantor pub dinner.

Friday the 13th started with games at work for more Jono-farewelling, then I jetted into the city for Cabaret Nocturne. Many drinks (and people) were drunk, and although I didn't feel like I remembered much, I actually did, and had an awesome time without being an arse. Selina was feeling much worse for wear than I, and, as such, we were rather late and hurried through the baby shower, on our way to Le Petit Carnaval.

The party was a bit odd, with a good vibe, but feeling rather empty most of the time (I guess people were largely in their rooms?). My glitch set went quite well, and my versus set with Ash was pretty good until the subs got cut. I think I fiended some shards harder than I intended, and feel as though I should make amends. The only bad thing that happened was my RCA to TRS plugs were nicked. I had intended to record everything on the Sideshow stage, so my recording unit was there the whole time, but someone pinched the plugs. So I've only got until about 20 minutes into Akashik's set :/ the plugs have been replaced (not found), so I'm not too upset about it, but wtf. Why smeagol other people's stuff without asking, and not return it? Especially when it's not a terribly multipurpose component.

On Saturday or Sunday, Selina discovered that Jetstar had regenerated some cheap flight deals to Japan during the time that we had already taken off work for the last deal, so we booked flights almost immediately. I'd been contemplating getting a netbook, so I got my shit together and bought one on the Sunday, for extra-handy Japan use. The rest of the week was rather subdued, with preparations underway. Saturday was Zane's belated birthday bash and housewarming, but we didn't stay too long, as we had to be at the airport around 4:30 in the AM.

The Japan trip went quite smoothly. I spent about $1000 total (on transport, food, and mostly clothes). It wasn't very holiday-ish, though, so I'm glad I've still got the next 2 weeks off :D My holiday plans include gaming (apparently unusual for me), recording a bunch of DJ sets, finishing Selina's PoS system (it's getting kinda close, rather functional), and catching up with a few people. I did, however, spend most of today doing housework. Lame. But now it's done! Finally unpacked my decks from Le Petit Carnaval, and I don't even feel like using them.
Current Music: 5 Years of Hyperdub
acidtailacidtail on June 1st, 2011 08:22 am (UTC)
how are you building this PoS system ?
Kazuakikazuaki on June 9th, 2011 07:43 am (UTC)
It's a JavaDB back-end with a Swing front-end. Nothing complicated, but intended to be extremely portable.