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18 April 2011 @ 02:18 pm
Gigs for Japan, and so much drinking  
Went out for dinner & drinks two Fridays ago. There's a tequila bar on Toorak Rd near Selina's shop, but they were too busy for dinner. We hit up Versachi (lol spelling) for pizza & wine, then went back to Maya Tequila Bar for drinks anyway.

I spent Saturday putting finishing touches on my Atlantis set, then got a lift up with Glen and Chrissy. The weather was dreadful, but the party was great :D my set went well, even though I didn't get to play the intro I made (the CDJs only played mp3s off USB, wtf). I'll re-record the set at home, how I wanted it, anyway :P

Tuesday was Kourage for Kes, a fundraising gig for Kesennuma, Japan. There were koto, shamisen, and taiko performances, raffles, and some auctions. I won two floor cushions in an auction, and a couple of raffles :D Afterwards, we (Julian, Corch, Leah, Selina and I) had dinner at Versachi (again) then headed home.

Friday night, I went out for dinner with some work people to Dumplings Plus, which was rather excellent. We trudged around looking for somewhere to play pool, but gave up and went to the Oxford Scholar instead :/ On my way to meeting Selina, I walked right past a pool hall that I didn't know existed >_< it's at the back of QV, and called iCUE. Get it?

Selina and I visited Zane, Leah, and their little man Jiah on Saturday morning. It was great to catch up with them! We dropped through Selina's mum's place to pick up some stuff to take to her shop, then went home for some rest.

I got EA SPORTS Active 2.0 last week, but hadn't used it yet, so instead of resting I set it up and did some workouts. It's really quite good, and beats jogging outside in the cold, polluted air. Later, we went to my aunt and uncle's place for Abode pre-drinks, but were running late, so it didn't quite happen. We made it to Abode to see Ian's band play two sets, then came home again.

Sunday was restful and productive, to start off with. Apparently, you can just substitute rest for exercise. Weird. I left for the city around 4, for another charity event. This one was for Japan and New Zealand in general. Among the random bands I didn't know (which were mostly quite good), George and Noriko played, and Mach Pelican headlined. It was pretty fantastic, and I won another raffle, and the only auction. It was a Japanese flag, with a heart and helping hands in the circle, signed by all the bands.

So far, I've spent about $400-$500 on Japan fundraising. I think that's a pretty good effort >_>
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