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05 April 2011 @ 01:55 pm
Bands, Atlantis, Games!  
There was a gig at Musicland on Friday (5 bands for $5!) that Chrissy and I went to. The first band we saw were rather good, but I didn't catch their name. The next band (White Circus) were trying a bit too hard to stay in character, and the music was pretty boring. Internal Nightmare were next, and went off :D

Saturday was taken up with phone hunting for Selina, and finally a Scavhunt that lasted about 8 hours. Good times were had by all, although I ended up somewhat ruined. Had a nap, and got home just before 12 (real time, after daylight savings ended), finished watching Blade Runner, and worked more on my Atlantis set.

My set is going well . . . starts funky, gets hard, then night, and ends dark. With a bit of random fun thrown in. Hopefully the random doesn't offset the mood too much :D

I was playing Moon on DS, but have gotten stuck . . . not sure if it's because I went the wrong way, and there's an unrecoverable progression block, or if it's some anti-piracy feature :/ So now I'm playing Tetris puzzle mode again. It started off totally easy, and halfway through has gotten harder than I remember it being. Still mad fun, though.