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28 March 2011 @ 02:14 pm
Another Slow Post (yay)  
So. My blackhole set on Phat NerdZ went great. Talked lots of shit with Zane, and recorded the set live.

Maitreya was awesome, although not without hiccups. Thanks heaps to everyone who helped out while I was running around trying to fix shit. I'll probably volunteer next year, and hopefully DJ a glitch funk/glitch hop/dubstep set, too :D

St Patrick's night at The Dan was pretty rad. Not sure about the rest of the weekend . . . must've done something . . . or just stayed home . . . ?

This weekend past has been huger than planned, starting with overdoing it a bit on Thursday for tacos. Friday had Selina and I jetting to Hoppers Crossing straight after work, then back to Carlton for a housewarming . . . my decks were there, and everyone (who used to play vinyl) enjoyed a bit of a play. Saturday was a Japan fundraising gig put on by George and Noriko, then a breakcore gig at the Mercat X. All radtimes (tm). Sunday was the Organising BBQ for Atlantis . . . and we watched THX 1138 after dinner. Almost an interesting movie, but ended up almost completely shallow, instead.

Now going through new music for Atlantis . . . I've got a pretty-much headliner timeslot . . . and I'll be starting hard, and ending more dark to lead in to Richard's set :D
Current Music: VA - Drop Dead