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15 February 2011 @ 02:09 pm
So Many Cocktails . . .  
Thursday night tacos at the Dan were good as usual. Bringing more peeps, and loads of different chili sauces :D

My brain had been struggling all week, but on Friday I was finally on top of stuff, and feeling productive. I jetted away from work for dinner with Jane at Trademark Fishcaf, which was rather excellent. Many cocktails, rib-eye with retardo-black-hole-garlic-mashed-potato (it was like eating delicious glue!). We then hit up Bron & Dimi's farewell drinks. Many many more cocktails, Yah Yahs (no good), and finally Polly. Eventually made it back to the Ark, where Kelly and I watched the first episode of Mad Men, then went to sleep.

I made it home in time for a shower and change before going back into the city. Had a few drinks and dinner, then headed into the Forum to see Return to Forever. The show was awesome, and I now have 2 double CDs :D Sunday was impromptu family birthday lunch, which was mostly uneventful (thankfully).

Almost finished sorting my Luminescence set! Getting some new tracks together for Atlantis. I think I've almost got my black hole set done already too. Maybe I should try and get some gigs while we're in Japan >8D;;;
Current Music: Insane Logic - Total Over Dose