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17 August 2011 @ 11:51 pm
I guess this is me venting about work, how it feels overly regimented, under-nurtured, and too corporately psychopathic for its own good. It gets rambly . . . and probably less cohesive.

I've been working in games for five-and-a-half years, at the same company. We started doing crappy mobile stuff (stuff for crappy mobiles, pushing them to nigh-unheard-of limits) and now we do crappy iPhone stuff (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which are, in their owns ways, crappy). We always do the best we can, and most of the time it turns out awesome.

When I started, there were only about 12 people. Now there are about 60. We have teams of middle management that no one ever dreamed of, and no one knows what they do all day, except use facebook. I haven't worked on game code in 3 months. I recently became a de facto engine/modules guy, which means I get to make library wrapper code, which works around other people's buggy crap.

The general feeling about my industry (from people within and without) is that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work in such a wonderful, creative environment. On the other hand, to quote Bernard, and to be more accurate "the pay's not great, but the work is hard."

Background aside, the reason why I decided to post about this is that it seems that society and the business world have gotten into a groove of wrong priorities. An imaginary money market has collapsed, dragging down everyone's imaginary perceptions and confidence with it. Many people appear to getting paid inordinate amounts of money to twiddle their thumbs and look busy.

This is not to say that I can't live on 50K. I totally can, and save for a house at the same time. I would, however, not mind wearing a suit and earning 4 times that, while getting paid for overtime (which is free and expected of me now). But I digress.

Our (first world) society certainly seems to have gotten its priorities confused. If it were a concertedly organisable thing, I daresay games would not be an industry. Games should be crafted by passionate people in their spare time, and if collaboration allows, teams of dedicated artisans. Mass produced everything (even by indies now) just tastes like margarine with no bread. Decadence has led people to believe that they are entitled to be entertained all day long, do very little work, and be paid for the luxury. The games industry is finally eating itself, and oversaturation of games is to blame.

People are being paid too much to do too little, and still expect more for less. It consistently surprises me that stock marketing could ever work. I feel like a fraud, and very ripped off all at the same time. But, I suppose, the cadence must come before the decadence. The wave is cresting now, and it will all crash into foam in the next few years.

Not sure if I made any points (clearly or otherwise). Now is time for sleep.
07 August 2011 @ 11:02 pm
I've been feeling a lack of motivation . . . for socialising and other things in general. I guess it's the cold weather, and unstimulating work.

Been taking time to make time. Spending a lot of time with Selina recently has been great, although not particularly materially productive. But it's productive in other ways :)

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, I suppose everything will kick back in. I need to regroup and refocus my energy. Prioritise my projects. Re-evaluate my day-to-day priorities.
30 May 2011 @ 08:47 pm
Infrequent posting, once again.

Selina and I dressed as each other for Joni's birthday. While everything in partyland was great, I was pretty sick, and not awake for most of it. Moar party the next night (Gaz/Pat/Mark's housewarming, -cooling, birthdays, Christmas, and all the other parties that should've happened) did not help me get any less sick, but was also very enjoyable. I missed out on seeing Bankai the Thursday after, citing illness, but made it to my 10-year school reunion on the Friday.

High Tea at Home (Clara's) the next day was nice. I kept myself busy mostly making and delivering tea, and didn't leave till about 10 (after a shopping mission to make steak pizza, and watch Men in Tights). Tried to drop in on Jono's farewell party, but with no phone battery, and people not answering doors, it didn't eventuate. Met up with Matt briefly at the Rainbow Hotel to see an Irish folk band, then headed home. DMF meeting the next day took me two hours to get to by PT. The meeting was more effective than I expected, though, and I got a lift home :D Being mothers day, Selina had dinner with her mum, and I shouted mine a gigantor pub dinner.

Friday the 13th started with games at work for more Jono-farewelling, then I jetted into the city for Cabaret Nocturne. Many drinks (and people) were drunk, and although I didn't feel like I remembered much, I actually did, and had an awesome time without being an arse. Selina was feeling much worse for wear than I, and, as such, we were rather late and hurried through the baby shower, on our way to Le Petit Carnaval.

The party was a bit odd, with a good vibe, but feeling rather empty most of the time (I guess people were largely in their rooms?). My glitch set went quite well, and my versus set with Ash was pretty good until the subs got cut. I think I fiended some shards harder than I intended, and feel as though I should make amends. The only bad thing that happened was my RCA to TRS plugs were nicked. I had intended to record everything on the Sideshow stage, so my recording unit was there the whole time, but someone pinched the plugs. So I've only got until about 20 minutes into Akashik's set :/ the plugs have been replaced (not found), so I'm not too upset about it, but wtf. Why smeagol other people's stuff without asking, and not return it? Especially when it's not a terribly multipurpose component.

On Saturday or Sunday, Selina discovered that Jetstar had regenerated some cheap flight deals to Japan during the time that we had already taken off work for the last deal, so we booked flights almost immediately. I'd been contemplating getting a netbook, so I got my shit together and bought one on the Sunday, for extra-handy Japan use. The rest of the week was rather subdued, with preparations underway. Saturday was Zane's belated birthday bash and housewarming, but we didn't stay too long, as we had to be at the airport around 4:30 in the AM.

The Japan trip went quite smoothly. I spent about $1000 total (on transport, food, and mostly clothes). It wasn't very holiday-ish, though, so I'm glad I've still got the next 2 weeks off :D My holiday plans include gaming (apparently unusual for me), recording a bunch of DJ sets, finishing Selina's PoS system (it's getting kinda close, rather functional), and catching up with a few people. I did, however, spend most of today doing housework. Lame. But now it's done! Finally unpacked my decks from Le Petit Carnaval, and I don't even feel like using them.
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05 May 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Have you applied for poor train service compensation? It's too late to apply for March, but April results should be out in 5 days. I can't imagine service being that great in the last 5 weeks.

I was attempting to apply tonight before I realised that May is over. I also failed to find the mythical online application form with which to apply for compensation. As such, I complained in the form of a question on their website:

This is not a service complaint, but more related to communication and the environment.

The "Customer Compensation Code" states: "Complete an online application or complete the attached form".

When looking for an online application, all I can find is a PDF that I have to print off, fill in by hand, and post.

Surely it would be easier to fill in my details on a web form, and have a computer verify it, rather than wasting Australia Post's energy, employing extra staff to open envelopes and read forms, then have data entry clerks enter it *back* into a computer so I can be compensated.

Anyway, if there is an online form that I just can't find, could you please direct me to it?


Is this unreasonable? Am I being a jerk for no reason? Why is there a feedback form, but no compensation form? All they need is my myki number.
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25 April 2011 @ 04:45 pm
On Wednesday night, And and I went to Bar Open to see Frog and Adam play. There were a couple of other experimental bands, but they didn't really go in directions I enjoyed often. End-of-work Thursday, I moved desks . . . always harder work than I remember, heh :P Selina and I then went out for dinner :D

Selina went to her shop twice on Friday, so I was home alone most of the day. Sorted out some music for Le Petit Carnaval, and played DeadSpace for about an hour. Watched Constantine before bed . . . it's still kinda cool :) Selina went to her shop again on Saturday morning . . . she's addicted :P

I went to an old work friend's bbq, then Selina picked me up to go to Leigh's (et al) housewarming. It was all pretty low-key, but quite enjoyable. Selina was at her shop again yesterday, then had a kigurumi party. I had family stuff, then caught up with Farshid and peeps for his birthday at the Belgian. After that, I scooted in to the city to meet up before Clark at Roxanne Parlour. We had a few drinks at Section 8, then went in.

The sound was awesome, but it was hard to hear the music in the chillout room over the main room. I danced quite a lot, but after a few hours the music got pretty samey. I may have complained a great deal, but hopefully not too much :S There was some good noise and breakcore in the front room now and then, and a friend offered to help me with noise production :D Now I just need to magic up some free time :P

In other news, I've been getting a lot of workouts done, thanks to EA SPORTS Active 2.0. I got it a couple of weeks ago, and it's been pretty awesome. Just not having to think about ways to make exercise interesting (rather than the same thing all the time) is really helpful. It's also easier to be motivated to do exercise at home, rather than out in the cold :D
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18 April 2011 @ 02:18 pm
Went out for dinner & drinks two Fridays ago. There's a tequila bar on Toorak Rd near Selina's shop, but they were too busy for dinner. We hit up Versachi (lol spelling) for pizza & wine, then went back to Maya Tequila Bar for drinks anyway.

I spent Saturday putting finishing touches on my Atlantis set, then got a lift up with Glen and Chrissy. The weather was dreadful, but the party was great :D my set went well, even though I didn't get to play the intro I made (the CDJs only played mp3s off USB, wtf). I'll re-record the set at home, how I wanted it, anyway :P

Tuesday was Kourage for Kes, a fundraising gig for Kesennuma, Japan. There were koto, shamisen, and taiko performances, raffles, and some auctions. I won two floor cushions in an auction, and a couple of raffles :D Afterwards, we (Julian, Corch, Leah, Selina and I) had dinner at Versachi (again) then headed home.

Friday night, I went out for dinner with some work people to Dumplings Plus, which was rather excellent. We trudged around looking for somewhere to play pool, but gave up and went to the Oxford Scholar instead :/ On my way to meeting Selina, I walked right past a pool hall that I didn't know existed >_< it's at the back of QV, and called iCUE. Get it?

Selina and I visited Zane, Leah, and their little man Jiah on Saturday morning. It was great to catch up with them! We dropped through Selina's mum's place to pick up some stuff to take to her shop, then went home for some rest.

I got EA SPORTS Active 2.0 last week, but hadn't used it yet, so instead of resting I set it up and did some workouts. It's really quite good, and beats jogging outside in the cold, polluted air. Later, we went to my aunt and uncle's place for Abode pre-drinks, but were running late, so it didn't quite happen. We made it to Abode to see Ian's band play two sets, then came home again.

Sunday was restful and productive, to start off with. Apparently, you can just substitute rest for exercise. Weird. I left for the city around 4, for another charity event. This one was for Japan and New Zealand in general. Among the random bands I didn't know (which were mostly quite good), George and Noriko played, and Mach Pelican headlined. It was pretty fantastic, and I won another raffle, and the only auction. It was a Japanese flag, with a heart and helping hands in the circle, signed by all the bands.

So far, I've spent about $400-$500 on Japan fundraising. I think that's a pretty good effort >_>
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05 April 2011 @ 01:55 pm
There was a gig at Musicland on Friday (5 bands for $5!) that Chrissy and I went to. The first band we saw were rather good, but I didn't catch their name. The next band (White Circus) were trying a bit too hard to stay in character, and the music was pretty boring. Internal Nightmare were next, and went off :D

Saturday was taken up with phone hunting for Selina, and finally a Scavhunt that lasted about 8 hours. Good times were had by all, although I ended up somewhat ruined. Had a nap, and got home just before 12 (real time, after daylight savings ended), finished watching Blade Runner, and worked more on my Atlantis set.

My set is going well . . . starts funky, gets hard, then night, and ends dark. With a bit of random fun thrown in. Hopefully the random doesn't offset the mood too much :D

I was playing Moon on DS, but have gotten stuck . . . not sure if it's because I went the wrong way, and there's an unrecoverable progression block, or if it's some anti-piracy feature :/ So now I'm playing Tetris puzzle mode again. It started off totally easy, and halfway through has gotten harder than I remember it being. Still mad fun, though.
28 March 2011 @ 02:14 pm
So. My blackhole set on Phat NerdZ went great. Talked lots of shit with Zane, and recorded the set live.

Maitreya was awesome, although not without hiccups. Thanks heaps to everyone who helped out while I was running around trying to fix shit. I'll probably volunteer next year, and hopefully DJ a glitch funk/glitch hop/dubstep set, too :D

St Patrick's night at The Dan was pretty rad. Not sure about the rest of the weekend . . . must've done something . . . or just stayed home . . . ?

This weekend past has been huger than planned, starting with overdoing it a bit on Thursday for tacos. Friday had Selina and I jetting to Hoppers Crossing straight after work, then back to Carlton for a housewarming . . . my decks were there, and everyone (who used to play vinyl) enjoyed a bit of a play. Saturday was a Japan fundraising gig put on by George and Noriko, then a breakcore gig at the Mercat X. All radtimes (tm). Sunday was the Organising BBQ for Atlantis . . . and we watched THX 1138 after dinner. Almost an interesting movie, but ended up almost completely shallow, instead.

Now going through new music for Atlantis . . . I've got a pretty-much headliner timeslot . . . and I'll be starting hard, and ending more dark to lead in to Richard's set :D
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05 March 2011 @ 05:15 pm
Feeling a distinct lack of motivation for posting :/

Jane's birthday dinner/drinks were pretty great :D Afterwards at the Ark was fun, but driving home and coming back for cancelled Circus Skills Day was teh lame.

Preparing my Luminescence set took heaps more effort than expected, presumably because I don't listen to that much chill/downtempo music. Apart from a bit of a fuck around with phone internet, geographical embarrassment, and the "sound guy", Luminescence was awesome.

The morning after I crashed when I wanted to leave :P but I needed the sleep . . . I got to StoreDJ to get a MIDI controller, but they didn't have them in yet (I didn't realise they were new). Lame.

This week I was meant to get a ticket to Primus/Melvins, but it never quite materialised :( Had a wonderful drinks & dinner night out with Chrissy :D I don't seem to do that kind of thing very often . . . well, not during the week, anyway :P and not often one-on-one.

Today is mixing day all day (with Ash), in preparation for Maitreya and Phat NerdZ. I'm playing a black-hole set tomorrow night (10 till midnight) on Syn (90.7 FM). Check it out, unless you hate fun ;D
15 February 2011 @ 02:09 pm
Thursday night tacos at the Dan were good as usual. Bringing more peeps, and loads of different chili sauces :D

My brain had been struggling all week, but on Friday I was finally on top of stuff, and feeling productive. I jetted away from work for dinner with Jane at Trademark Fishcaf, which was rather excellent. Many cocktails, rib-eye with retardo-black-hole-garlic-mashed-potato (it was like eating delicious glue!). We then hit up Bron & Dimi's farewell drinks. Many many more cocktails, Yah Yahs (no good), and finally Polly. Eventually made it back to the Ark, where Kelly and I watched the first episode of Mad Men, then went to sleep.

I made it home in time for a shower and change before going back into the city. Had a few drinks and dinner, then headed into the Forum to see Return to Forever. The show was awesome, and I now have 2 double CDs :D Sunday was impromptu family birthday lunch, which was mostly uneventful (thankfully).

Almost finished sorting my Luminescence set! Getting some new tracks together for Atlantis. I think I've almost got my black hole set done already too. Maybe I should try and get some gigs while we're in Japan >8D;;;
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