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kazuaki's Journal

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This journal is for me, not you. Feel free, however, to read it.

Since I took up maintaining my journal again about halfway through June 2008, I've been using it to document what I've been up to, since my memory is shot like a sponge by a musket. So, sorry if it's not entertaining, but I'm not usually thinking of you when I write it.

Quotes I feel strongly about:

Wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-flailing tube-man!
Bumblebee Tuna!
It builds character.
I've never been fake, and I'm never phoney. I've got more flavour than a packet of macaroni.

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Quotes I feel very strongly about:

Awkwardness and deliberation are two of my least favourite unavoidable human conditions.
Sitcoms are therefore my least favourite avoidable human condition.

Owaranai uta wo utaou: kusottare no sekai no tame!

I'll try anything at least once.